After my first massage treatment with Summer, I felt like the plaque had been scrubbed from my mind. I thought more clearly, my senses was sharper - I felt like myself again. I haven’t felt so relaxed in years.
— J.D.

Experiencing a ceremony with Summer is like opening a door into a magical world. She perfectly brought together all of the elements that made our group’s time together so special and celebrated all of us as individuals at the same time. The music, the art, the atmosphere - everything was so beautiful.
— P.S.

I had the pleasure of receiving my best massage from Summer. She gave the perfect amount of pressure-deep but not painful-combined with a spiritual touch that renewed both my body and soul. This is no ordinary massage therapist. Summer is inspirational and rejuvenating. Thank you Summer for a wonderful experience.
— K.B.

After receiving a massage from Summer, I felt cared for, relaxed, and empowered. Summer has studied many aspects of holistic medicine and, with my permission, incroporated aromatherapy, reflexology and a great foot scrub into the massage experience. At one point while Summer worked on my toes, my nasal congestion completely cleared. Summer sent me home with techniques which I have used to continue to nurture myself. Whether my issues are related to physical pain, my emotions, or even a common cold, I will continue to turn to Summer for her expertise and care.
— C.R.