I teach joyful, spiritually grounded Restorative yoga classes at Love Hive Yoga 

In my classes, you can expect spiritual & heart-filled meditation to meet the physical shapes on the mat. We will explore and discover ways to open fascial lines to release tension in our minds, bodies, souls. We will dive deep into the natural rhythms of our bodies and nature to bring deeper meaning to each movement. We will imagine and create sacred space in our hearts in order to maintain our intentions and connection with the divine. Perhaps most importantly it will be a space and time for you to swim within yourself and see what beauty is in every cell of your being.

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Private yoga sessions

I also offer private sessions based on customized yoga sequences tailored to my clients’ bodies and personal experiences. Together, we’ll discuss tools and ideas to transform your yoga practice, and I will provide a recommended personal practice for you to take with you on your journey. 

Personalized Yoga Sequence